Why YOU need a proofreader

You may think, “Well, my writing is great, why do I need a proofreader?” But anyone who writes something they want other people to read could benefit from this service. We aren’t, generally speaking, very good at spotting our own errors. We get too involved in our own writing, even if we read it through several times some mistakes are bound to be missed.

Also, you can free up your time: having to read through writing meticulously, with great attention to detail, several times is very time consuming. Time that might be better spent marketing your business for example.

Typos, spelling and grammar mistakes can vastly reduce the credibility of your writing, it doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into research, some may dismiss your work and not continue reading if there are glaring errors. Save yourself some time, and improve the accuracy and credibility of your writing!


“Using Krista as a proof reader and editor for our articles and papers has been such a huge help! Her skill and professionalism allow me to write without worrying about the details, while feeling assured that she’s on top of the refinement process. Krista is detailed and very quick to respond/turn around any job she’s handed. I highly recommend using Krista to help your writing become the best it can be!” Suzanne Jones YogaHOPE

“Recently, we utilized the proofreading and copyediting services provided by Krista Luton. We were very pleased with the work she did! Her familiarity with Yoga and meditation was a real plus, as was her ability to work remotely. One of the projects we gave her was proofing a lengthy article for the magazine that we had already had checked by another proofreader. Krista found quite a few errors that had been overlooked. Her skill level and quick delivery really impressed our editor.”
Mira Spencer
Integral Yoga Magazine